At Insight FS, we strive to be the premier supplier of all of your agricultural, energy, and turf specialty needs. Our open account credit policies seek to enhance your relationship with our company by providing an efficient, affordable means to purchase all needed supplies.

How can I apply for credit with Insight FS? Applying for credit at Insight FS is as simple as filling out our credit application. To apply for credit, please choose and complete the appropriate credit application:

Consumer Home Heating/Propane Accounts

Commercial and Agricultural Accounts

Applications may also be obtained at any of our locations, from our sales staff, or by contacting our Credit Department at (800) 472-3810 option 5, or credit@insightfs.com. A few reminders when completing the credit application:

    • In order for us to complete your request, please complete the application as thoroughly as possible.
    • Before submitting your application for processing, please review the Insight FS Credit Policy located on page 2 of the application.
    • We cannot complete your application request without the name of your Insight FS salesman. If you are unsure who that is, please contact your local Insight FS location.

How is my credit limit determined? Credit limits with Insight FS are determined based on the credit worthiness of all applying individuals and entities. While the credit application is our primary source of review, other documents and verifications may be requested, including supplier/bank references and financial information.

What if I have more questions? Our sales and location staff should be your go-to team for all Insight FS related questions. If you need to contact our Credit Department directly, you can do so at (800) 472-3810 option 5, or credit@insightfs.com.

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