Dieselex Gold Testimonial - Randy McKee Trucking

Randy McKee (middle) and Chad McKee (right) customers of Nathan Schmidt of Insight FS.

Randy McKee Trucking has been in the logging industry for 20-25 years and has six units that use 25,000 gallons of fuel a year.

Randy was referred by Bryan Walentowski, a retired customer of Insight FS. Bryan gave very high reviews on Dieselex Gold and Randy was very interested in the product. Randy made the call to Insight FS in October of 2008. He is now on a two week auto fill with salesman, Nathan Schmidt, and is very satisfied with Dieselex Gold. Not only has Randy been impressed with the performance of Dieselex Gold, his confidence has extended to our line of FS lubricants.

Randy noticed the difference right away, especially with less smoke. Fuel economy went from 40 gallons to 32 gallons in 9 hours in one tank and the second tank went from 40 gallons in three days to about 30 gallons. He was extremely satisfied with the results. Randy has two tanks for diesel and the one tank had the competitor's fuel and he said that he could tell immediately when he put the competitor's fuel in the machines.

 Dieselex Gold Testimonial - B & B Containers

Shawn Perrot (left) customer of Betty Rolling of FS FAST STOP.

Shawn Perrot is Co-Owner/Operations Manager of B & B Containers. B & B Containers is a roll-off and mobile storage company that has been in business for 5 years. They have 3 units, with his unit using 6,500 gallons of fuel a year.

Shawn is a customer of the Fast Stop in Antigo, of which Betty Rolling is the C-Store Manager. On several occasions, Betty urged him to try Dieselex Gold and showcased the potential benefits of his engine and fuel performance. Shawn was concerned about his truck's cetane requirement of 45 and found that Dieselex Gold exceeds that rating. He was also concerned about preventing filter plugging and injector problems which he's seen to be a common problem with newer emission controlled vehicles. In the fall of 2009, he finally made the switch and committed to using Dieselex Gold consistently. 

Once he made this change, Shawn began to see substantial long-term benefits. Especially in his newer emission controlled truck, Dieselex Gold helped prevent filter plugging and injector problems, as well as reduced maintenance. He's noticed that his units idle quieter and smoother. Shawn also noticed better fuel mileage going from an average of 7—7 1/2 mpg to 8—8 1/2 mpg, which equates to a savings of 2 cents per mile. Over the wintertime, he never once had to add additive to his fuel to prevent it from gelling as he had in the past and was impressed with how Dieselex Gold, with FS Sure-Flo IV additive, performed in Wisconsin's cold temperatures. Shawn has been very pleased with Dieselex Gold and begun using the FS line of lubricants.

 Dieselex Gold Testimonial - Tom Ashbeck Logging

Tom Ashbeck (right) customer of Nathan Schmidt of Insight FS.

Tom Ashbeck Logging has been in the logging industry for 27 years, harvesting logs throughout northeast Wisconsin. He has two units, a processor and skidder.

Paul Ehlinger, Bus Maintenance Supervisor for Wabeno School District, referred Insight FS to Tom. The appeal of on-site delivery, along with the positive results seen with Dieselex Gold by Paul, motivated Tom's call in January of 2012. Nathan Schmidt, Energy Specialist, took the call and explained the benefits of Dieselex Gold. Prior to switching to Insight FS, Tom was filling a 100 gallon tank at a local gas station. Also, Tom had been using a Power Service diesel/cold flow additive and was immediately interested in Dieselex Gold for the cost savings and ease of use.

Tom began on Dieselex Gold right away and has seen a significant improvement in his fuel usage. He stated that his processor went from using 120 gallons/week down to 100 gallons/week over a 35 hour week. The increase in fuel efficiency was 16.5%, moving from 3.43 gallons/hour to 2.86 gallons/hour. In addition to the increased fuel efficiency, Tom has also noticed easier starts. He no longer needs the additional diesel additive he was using before. Tom is thrilled with the performance of Dieselex Gold, not to mention the cost savings he has experienced.

 Heating & Cooling Testimonial - Marge Opitzs

Marge Opitzs (right) customer of Jerome Winkel of Insight FS.

Marge Opitzs called in for a furnace clean and check in September of 2010. The Opitzs had a 25 year-old furnace and were concerned about the existing life expectancy the furnace had remaining. The average life expectancy of a furnace is 20 years. 

During Jerome’s furnace inspection, he discovered that the heat exchanger had multiple cracks in it. Not only does a cracked heat exchanger significantly reduce operating efficiency, but it also poses a dangerous threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Opitzs replaced their old furnace which had an 80% efficiency rating with a new, Tempstar furnace which has an efficiency rating of 95%. This increase in efficiency ratings will save them an estimated $300.00 a year on fuel costs.

Marge commented that she was very pleased with how quickly Jerome was able to install the new furnace. She also mentioned that she is very satisfied with the new furnace and the service she received from Jerome and Insight FS.