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At Insight FS, we want to be your cooperative. 

We have a vested interest in your success and our products and services can help your business thrive. We can support you with agronomy, precision farming, animal nutrition, energy (fuels, lubricants, propane and more), grain, seed, turf and agri-finance. We proudly support home owners, business owners, municipalities, farmers and more. Learn more about what we have to offer!


There are no shortages of surprises in farming. But, being prepared for those surprises helps you move forward, faster. At Insight FS, we understand the importance of being prepared and having reliable, convenient financing that you are pre-approved to use when you need it. We offer a full competitive package that makes financing through us an easy decision. 


Science and technology in agriculture are changing every day. Tomorrow your fields will look different than they do today. Your needs will change. You need a partner you can trust and who will provide recommendations that meet your needs today while providing you the best options, tomorrow.  Let our agronomy advisers provide you with science-based recommendations tailored to fit your needs. 

Precision Equipment and Nutrient Management
Our precision  specialists will work with you to provide data-driven solutions to help you maximize every acre. We can fully customize your precision equipment using a mix of proven technologies. We work with our partners to provide top precision farming products including: Precision Planting®, Ag Leader®, Martin-Till® , Harvest International, Yetter and 360 Yield Center®. Our Nutrient Management Team can provide you with 590 or 243 plans, CAFO reporting, VRT, grid soil sampling and tissue testing. Bringing the science and technology together to get the best from your crop. 

    Animal Feed and Nutrition
    Our team of nutritionists are here to help work through your feed needs and provide you with the best recommendation for your animals. We offer a wide variety of feed options for livestock producers, horse and pet owners and exotic animals. We have a variety of products we can offer our customers that we manufacture, as well as offering bagged feed from a number of top companies..  Beyond that we supply twine, plastics and innoculants, making us a diversified supplier and one-stop-shop. 
    With Insight FS, you get more than just home heat; you get expert service, routine safety checks, and advice from our trained FS Propane Specialists. You don't call a dispatch center, you get to know your delivery driver and call that driver directly. We live and work in your backyard. Live local. Buy local. 
    Fuels & Lubricants

    Our team of energy experts provides next-generation fuel management tools and state-of-the-art software to ensure smooth operation, protection of vital parts, and maximum efficiency. Proprietary products such as Dieselex® Gold and Suprex Gold® ESP heavy-duty diesel engine oil are formulated to bring additional value to users compared to competitive products. We also offer DEF, lubricants, greases, coolants and more in bulk and package sizes. We can support your business and keep your machines running smoothly.


    Our turf team can help supply your fertilizer and seed needs, consult on your sports field or business, and provide you with great products. GreenYard™ Professional and Consumer products are among the best in the industry. With GreenYard™ seed blends and mixtures you get products that are made for any location and situation. We have grass seed blends for use in home lawns, sports fields and other commercial uses. Our products are elected specifically for a Midwestern growing environment and adapted to our wide variety of soil types. 

    Grain Marketing
    Insight FS meets producers' grain marketing needs by providing access to end user markets, competitive bids and pricing programs. Our experienced staff provides competitive prices, transportation needs, drying and storage service, and we take pride in unloading grain quickly during the high-volume harvest season so your operation doesn't experience bottlenecks. 


    We want to help you with all your needs. If you would like someone to contact you about our diverse services, please fill out the form below. We want to be your cooperative of choice and provide services customized to your needs. Thank you!

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    We have revised our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

    Please read both of these documents as the changes affect your legal rights. By continuing you agree to these updates.