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Why Plant the FS InVISION Brand?


Many growers already plant FS InVISION seed corn while others may not have given it a try. Here is why you should consider choosing FS InVISION:

FS InVision brand gives you more options.

Many growers are planting Dekalb or NK genetics already today. The FS InVISION brand compliments these genetics by giving growers other options of trait performance, or other herbicide selections with the same genetic yield potential. The InVision brand can also offer the right hybrid in a maturity not found in the existing brand. The best of this offering is your ability to purchase multi-company brand seed corn on one order, saving you time and money. These selections may also limit risk by bringing different genetic packages to your farm.

Quality silage

A big part the FS InVISION brand are the Dairy Select Hybrids. These hybrids are specifically selected for silage production, particularly for dairy industry. We use 30 hour wet chemistry analysis to evaluate our hybrids, not just NIR testing, like some other seed companies do. While this is more costly, it more accurately tests each hybrid, so it represents what the cow is actually getting out of the silage. One of the prerequisites of our hybrids is that they need to be agronomically sound. If they don’t have good roots, and good stalks, they aren’t considered for Dairy Select. These hybrids are tested for milk per acre, milk per ton, NDFD, indigestible lignin and protein.T hey must meet high standards to be considered. Talk to your local Crop Specialist about the right hybrids for your farm.

Additional options in soybeans with FS HiSoy

In addition to the FS InVISION brand of seed corn, consider FS HiSoy soybeans. This lineup is well known to bring the best genetics and disease tolerance in the industry. The HiSoy line is loaded with genetics through our maturity lineup. In addition to both yield potential and disease tolerance, the HiSoy line up gives you many different trait packages for herbicide tolerance. Your local Crop Specialist can discuss these options with you and help you make the best decision for your farm. 

Visit to learn more and hear from a customer about the impact DairySelect has had on his farm. 

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